When Should I Install my Christmas Lights? and more Q&A about professional light installations

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Ryan and Stuart from DSS smiling on the roof of a home while installing lights

You may have a lot of questions about Holiday light installation! If your community is like ours, there are a lot of yard signs everywhere advertising Christmas Light installation, but not a lot of information about the pricing and the process. We want to answer ALL your questions!

We pulled questions from our team as well as from family and friends. So, saddle up! Your questions will be answered in the next couple of blogs:

Q: What lights do I need? Do I need to pick them up myself?

We can actually pick up your light bulbs at several local brick and mortar facilities. We usually buy them in reels of 50 feet. One that I use at my own home comes from Costco; it’s called Stay-Lit. It sells for around $35. It comes with two sets of 50 lights. The lights are usually a foot apart, but this one, in particular, is about 6 inches. So it comes out to about 50 feet for this particular set. They last anywhere from three to five years.  

If you want to pick up the lights yourself, that’s fine. Or if you’d like us to get them, we’re happy to do that, as well!

Q: How will different holiday lights impact my utility bill?

Answer: As far as the impact on the utility bill, if you went with the incandescent lights, or if you did LED, I really can’t give you a good answer on that. But I can tell you that the LED overall will save you on your kilowatt usage. So I would always recommend the LED over the incandescent lights.

Q: When should I install my holiday lights?

Answer: The majority of the residents here in St. George love to have their lights installed prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. The main reason is because the evening after the Thanksgiving meal has been completed, the families like to take their family outside, flip the switch and see the lights shining bright. The family is usually in town and it’s a great opportunity to kick off the Christmas season with smiles on the faces of your kids and grandkids.

The best part about it is that we can test the lights out prior to the holidays, so we know that all of the bulbs are working properly. If there are any issues, we can resolve and fix it immediately.

There really are nothing but advantages to installing the lights early.

Still have more questions? We have more answers!

We will be answering questions like, “Should I get permanent lights ?,” “Can I install the lights myself?,” “How should I store my lights?” and much more!

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