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Dynamic Superior Services (DSS) is a home service company specializing in window cleaning, home cleaning, and junk removal. Founder Stu and his team are known for quality work and old-fashioned customer service.

Stu spent years working in sales when he finally decided he was ready to build his own company. With a drive to provide the best window cleaning service around, he and his teammate Ryan studied up on techniques and created a solution that provides a flawless shine every time.

They mastered window cleaning and now hundreds of private residents and business owners in the St. George area choose DSS as their go-to team for five-star home cleaning services.

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Stuart Call

Founder & CEO

I have been in sales for over 30 plus years serving in many different capacities.  One of my favorite positions was VP of Business Development at NutriGold, at the time a new and quickly growing company.  I was in charge of implementing a business development team and setting up direct accounts. In our first month we were able to set up over 30 plus retail businesses throughout the US despite stringent requirements. This helped in increased revenue and profitability by not having to use a distributor.
What matters to me is customer care/service. This is the opportunity for my team to interact with new customers and existing clients by building on a foundation based on knowledge and integrity.  Trust is most important and listening to customers is vital to business growth.
The Dynamic Superior Services started by creating a team who values work/life balance. Family should be the focal point in all that we do. The Family: A  Proclamation to the World states: “Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children.” In Psalms 123: 3 “Children are a heritage of the Lord.”  At Dynamic Superior Services our staff is family, and as such, respect, acknowledgement and love is an important piece in maintaining a happy family workforce team.

email: s.call@dsswc.com
office: (435) 275-2281

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Office Manager Grace Justesen Headshot

Grace Justesen

Office Manager

email: support@dsswc.com
office: (435) 264-4134

I am a St. George native and I plan to stick around. I love the sunshine, red rocks and warm weather. I am currently attending Utah Tech University studying to become a high school history teacher and I cannot wait! When I’m not juggling school and two job’s I enjoy spending my free time outside, reading, painting, and with my friends and family.

Ryan Friedel

Senior Manager

Ryan Friedel is the Senior Manager at Dynamic Superior Services he has been with the company since its beginning. His role is to oversee all jobs; ensuring the work is done in a timely manner and the quality of work is held to a very high standard. Ryan believes that quality work is important in creating lasting relationships. Ryan is currently attending Dixie State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. Some of his greatest achievements include serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint in Brazil, serving as the president of Utah State Officer Team of Skills USA, and earning a certificate in Medical Assisting at Dixie Tech. When Ryan isn’t working, he loves to have fun with his wife and daughter.

email: r.friedel@dsswc.com
office: (435) 275-2281

DSS Team Debbie

Debbie Call

Chief Financial Officer

email: admin@dsswc.com
office: (435) 275-2281

Brennan Bray


email: b.bray@dsswc.com
office: (435) 275-2281

DeBryn Light

Marketing Manager

I studied art from childhood and through college but could never decide if I really wanted a career as an artist. I sought out graphic design experience in college but ultimately decided to pursue a major in Global Communication. This led to an internship in Manila, Philippines where I worked as a Small Enterprise Education & Development mentor, coaching and assisting microloan recipients in building and growing their business. My love for entrepreneurship flourished. I have found ways to use my artistic skills to support and grow small business. From small shops to start ups I have enjoyed telling the story of a business through visual storytelling.

My days are filled with balancing motherhood, supporting my spouse through medical school, and managing marketing. My hands are full but I love my full life! I enjoy spending time outside (camping, rock climbing, hiking), playing sports (volleyball, tennis, pickleball), and creating (design, sewing, painting).

email: d.light@dsswc.com
office: (435) 275-2281

DSS Team Jessica Call

Jessica Call

HR Manager

office: (435) 275-2281


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