POV: You’re watching professional window cleaners for the first time

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Cleaning Superchix Windows

By: Grace, Office Manager

Washing windows sounds like a simple enough task until you watch the professionals do it; it becomes much more complex.

Mixing up the correct ratio of solution, vinegar, and water. The technique used to remove not only dirt and grime but hard water. Apparently, windows have pores, who knew! The smooth and thought-out way the team moves the squeegee across the pane to avoid streaks. They do it in one fluid movement.

Watching our newest team member learn to use the different squeegee techniques truly helps me understand just how difficult it can be.

The balance and bravery of standing on 40-foot-tall ladders to get windows and gutters sparkling.

And it’s not just the actual window cleaning that is complex but the way the team plans out the job, how they communicate amongst themselves while on a job, and the active teamwork you can see happening.

Then there’s communicating with the homeowners, having a real connection, how they are always willing to do more than what may have been originally expected.

For instance, this last week while on a job in St. George, Utah, the crew was asked to hang a mirror. They have little professional experience in stud finding and mirror hanging but they figured it out and based not the customer’s response, the team did a wonderful job.

Cracker Barrel Clean

Outside of residential cleaning we have our retail business customers that have the team up and running before the sun comes up. I admire the dedication they must have to be out in the cold at 4:30 in the morning.

This team works hard all the time, sun or snow, wind and cold, they are out there with a smile on their faces doing their best to make our customers happy.  

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