Window Cleaning for a St. George Parade of Homes… Garage!

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DSS Team Cleaning Parade of Homes Garage and Guest House

The DSS well of photos was running dry, and as marketing manager, I was ready for some new content. I ESPECIALLY wanted to get some video footage – something the team had never done before. 

Stu and Ryan told me they had lined up a job for a custom house that would be in the St. George Parade of Homes. Just like the thousands of other Utahns who are intrigued and inspired by custom million-dollar homes, I was thrilled at the opportunity to see one of these homes up close!

I arrived to film the crew and despite my searching, I couldn’t find them anywhere. It turns out they were cleaning the windows on the exterior of the garage! The garage was separate from the home, but could have easily been mistaken for an entirely different house because it was also the guest house! I found Ryan and Stu both on ladders cleaning windows that are ___ft above the ground. I could see Nate, occasionally, through the windows cleaning the interior side. 

DSS Team Cleaning Parade of Homes Garage and Guest House

This was my first time out watching the DSS team work and it was encouraging to see their attention to detail in action. Nate and Ryan would clean either side of a window and before they finished, they would each carefully inspect every angle and point out any smudges that the other needed to clean off. They analyzed the windows meticulously to ensure the windows were flawless. 

I took photos and filmed them working on the outside windows, the interior windows, the glass sliding doors, the small frosted glass windows on the entry door… all of this was on the garage/guest home! Before the team was able to get to the main house I had to go: my camera storage filled up and my work-from-home-mom life was calling. I missed out entirely on the home itself. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

BUT! I was so pleased to see the team in action for the first time! They did an incredible job and reaffirmed my confidence in DSS’s ability to provide five star work for all of our clients. 

Need your garage/guest home windows cleaned? You know who to call! Or if you’re like me and you just have regular windows that could use a clean, give DSS a call and we’ll get you scheduled! (435) 264-4134

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